PLANE PERFECTION offers 4 versions of the LA Series kits, which are characterized by their degree of prefabrication.All the structural and metal parts of the kits are CNC machined and laser-cut for exceptional strength and integrity. Their are no parts to fabricate, no holes to be drilled or de-burred. Stainless steel,cadmium, and 6061-T6 aluminum is used throughout the aircraft for superior corrosion resistance. Their is no better or complete kit on the market today for the price! KIT N 1: (this kit includes/all the material to contsruct the fuselage,flight surfaces,windows,doors,all controls and fuel system.) Material included in the kit:Fuselage,Flight surfaces including Wings/Slats/flaperons/horizontal and vetical stabs with elevator and rudder,streamlined struts.Instrument panel already drilled for gauges and switches and 4 point seat belts. Three-wheeled high stregth gear legs with tundra tires. Differential hydraulic brakes on bell-crank levers. Composite end caps for the wings,slats,flaperons,horizontal and vertical stabs,rudder and fin.Dual throttle levers.Composite doors, lexan windshield and windows pre-cut and drilled for easy installation. Two wing tanks (35 liters ea.) Reserve of 7 liters with electric low fuel warning indicator. Angle of attack gauge for the adjustment of the flaperons. Fuel valve and hoses to the firewall (NBR+CR WITH NORMA CLAMPS). Pneumatic riveter and rivets, 50 clecos, 1 set of cleco pliers, and all hardware.Anti-corrosion primer-1 litre. Full color assembly manual. Time estimated for the assembly of kit 1: 120 hours.Needed to complete the the plane:Engine, engine mount and cowlings.Wiring harness. Instruments. Propeller. Radiator. Oil radiator. Engine plumbing/hose connections/collars.Paint.

KIT N 2: (Includes everything in kit 1, and also includes:) Engine mount for Rotax 582 or 912, with silent blocks and connections.Fiberglass cowlings- top and bottom.Intruments include-Airspeed indicator,vertical speed,tachometer,altimeter,slip indicator and compass.Gauges include-CHT (left and right),oil pressure,oil temperature,fuel pressure,voltmeter,hour meter,outside air temp.Warning lights (fuel and low battery).Water radiator. Oil radiator.Cabin heat. Electric fuel pump,fuel filter,electric elevator trim,wiring harness and battery.Misc items include- keyed master with left and right magneto switches,landing light,cabin light,10 and 15 amp breakers.Time estimated for the assembly: 180 hours.Needed to complete the plane:The engine.Propeller. Oil tank. Rectifier. Exhaust.Paint.

KIT N 3: (Includes everything in kit 1 and 2, and also includes:) Your choice-Rotax engine 582, 912 (80hp) or Rotax 912s (100hp).Three-blade Fiti propeller and nose cone. Voltage regulator. Oil tank. Stainless steel exhaust.Time estimated for the assembly: 250 hours. Needed to complete the plane:Paint.

KIT N 4: Fuselage and all flying surfaces built and complete.You have to- install engine, landing gear, instruments seats and tanks and paint.Time estimated for the assembly: 80 to 100 hours.If you would like a complete RTF (ready to fly) turnkey aircraft, please contact us.ADDITIONAL OPTIONS:Floats (Straight, 3 Wheel, and 4 Wheel)Air box.Brs or Galaxy parachute system.Duel stick option.Electric flaps.Passenger brakes.Leather seats and panels.Strobes.Radio and antenna.